Keystone H3

Keystone's goal is to lay trail the way G intended. That means, live trails with plenty of shiggy. Keystone hashes one Sunday morning per month.

What to expect

  • Shiggy (swamps, brambles, bullshit)

  • Mileage (3mi < KH3 < 8mi)

  • Beer

  • A challenge

What not to expect

  • Suburban strolls

  • Pub Crawls

  • Turkey trails

  • Tip-toeing through the Tulips

So if the calendar doesn't work because you are using a fucking potato and ethernet cord to access the internet, then click on this link. But seriously just click the add calendar button and add the Keystone dates to your own Google calendar or iCalendar. Don't have a Google calendar or iCalendar? Well then fuck you.