Much like your mother, it's loose right now. There is no defined mismanagement. Like a midget at a gang bang, you just gotta step up and do your part.


  • Scout a very Keystone trail. See the home page for what to expect.

  • Tell someone in Keystone what month you want through any of the following means:

    • You can come to a trail and tell us.

    • Post the details to the facebook page.

    • Contact Kitten Mittons to get it on the calendar.

  • Get your shit together. Buy your beer, shots, flour ... whatever. You will get money from everyone that shows up. Don't whine about making your money back. Remember, right now Keystone is like a small child; you are definitely going to have to put more into it than you get out and if you put the wrong things into it, you go to jail and end up on a special list.

Where do we hash?

Right now we have been hashing around central PA. We would like to be accessible to the surrounding kennels, Reading, Lehigh Valley, Selingsgrove, Nittany Valley, Harrisburg Hershey. Find a trail anywhere in that region and hopefully pull in some participation from surrounding kennels. There are plenty of untouched trails in the regions between these kennels which makes a perfect place for a keystone trail. See the map below.

Red Houses = Kennels

Blue Hikers = A keystone trail that has been or will be laid.